121 offers Gelish, a coloured gel applied like a regular nail polish and set under an LED lamp allowing you to leave the salon with dry, super glossy nails with the strength of a gel.


Forget Peeling, chipping and smudging! Get flawless finished nails that you can soak off in 15 minutes. 


There is no damage to your nails during application and maintaining your natural nails underneath Gelish is a top priority! If your a nail biter, Gelish will allow natural growth and nourish the nail to encourge healthy recovery.










MinX brings fashion to the tips of your toes! It's a statement and an exciting accessory thats as much of a must have as your gorgeous clutch bag or favourite jewellery.  


121 offers this patented foil wrap system that shrink wraps to your nails using Infra Red heat and a pedicure can last 4-6 weeks.


Go wild with Leopard Print, Shine with metallics, or get seasonal with Santa - the designs are endless!

... How about quick drying, long lasting, fashion conscience and maintenance free?

Ideal for holidays, weddings, parties, low and high maintenance women.

These nail treatments will have you hooked!